Catching Up With Old Friends

Last night I grabbed a drink and caught up with close friend from high school. He was one of my best friends growing up but as was the case with many friends from childhood, we didn’t do a great job staying in touch after graduation. While I had not seen him in many years, a sincere hug made the lapse feel like just days. From the outset, the tone was quite candid – within in five minutes, Will had asked what my annual salary was and despite knowing he’s taken on six-figure debt to fund med school, I felt sympathetic yet surprisingly comfortable telling him what I make.

At first we each gave the rundown of our lives over the past few years, noting how ‘old’ we felt. Shortly after we caught up on each other, we began gossiping quite bluntly. “Did you hear Jeff got married? Did you see how much weight Meghan put on…I always pinned her to have skinny genes?” By the end, I felt like I had attended my high school reunion, which apparently is not happening as Will informed me that the money we raised to fund the event was “lost in a bank account.” While he didn’t seem too taken back by this, he mentioned that our class advisor, who I did not see eye-to-eye with, somehow lost the password to the bank account (what does that even mean?) and that the “reunion chair” of our class now has a baby (did not see that one coming) and perhaps, not surprisingly, didn’t not want to take charge of organizing. This sounds a lot like a low level embezzlement scheme that could turn into a Lifetime movie, but regardless it appears that last night will have to suffice in lieu of an actual reunion. We spent time discussing the whereabouts of classmates, teachers, coaches and friends and between the two of us, we must have touched on half of the community.

When I got back to my apartment, reflecting back on our conversation, I realized we spent the majority of our time together talking about other people. Although this initially seemed unusual, I realized that while Will and I had a personal relationship, we also enjoyed mutual experiences and friends; in the years we spent growing up together, we played on the same teams, took many of the same classes, attended the same parties and played at the same poker table (easily over 100 times), so it’s only natural that we would reflect on shared memories. Telling old stories is cliché when getting together with old friends, but I really enjoyed catching up with Will, hearing what he is up to, and sharing updates on our friends and community.


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