My Non-Profit Organization – Requip Sports

My sister and I have been working on a non-profit initiative to help collect and redistribute sports equipment to undeserved communities. The program, which we named “Requip Sports,” works with outstanding high school leaders, who serve as ambassadors of Requip and act as liaisons to the community to organize local collection drives. Similar to the company Revivn, Requip promotes successive utilization over the life of a product, a form of recycling through shared economics, offering these underprivileged youth the opportunity to partake in team sports. In addition to the obvious philanthropic efforts, this project is a great opportunity for me to improve on my business fundamentals, from creating marketing materials to managing logistics. Ive attached a general solicitation form which we use to connect with these ambassadors.


Dear John Doe,

I want to share an opportunity to support an outstanding social initiative which helps to provide underserved students and communities with secondhand sports equipment. Started in 2014, Requip Sports is non-profit organization building a unique platform to collect and redistribute athletic goods, providing underprivileged youth an opportunity to experience the power of sports. We are looking for motivated individuals, community organizations and local sports programs to assist in creating local equipment collection drives.

 Millions of children around the world lack the resources and funding to play organized sports while every year, millions of pieces of reusable equipment such as cleats and pads are discarded. Studies have shown that in addition to the obvious benefits of regular activity, kids who participate in sports attain improved nutritional awareness and higher self-esteem. Additionally, these kids are 57% less likely to drop out of school, 49% less likely to take drugs, and 37% less likely to become teen parents. Requip helps provide underprivileged individuals the foundation to participate in team athletics and appreciate sports, an experience that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to partake in.

Our goal at Requip is to connect these underprivileged communities with donated equipment by helping lay the foundation to support a local collection program. Requip will make setting up an equipment collection drive easy by providing volunteer ambassadors with the tools and necessary assistance to organize local campaigns. You can volunteer as a team, group or even take on the challenge by yourself – The Requip team will help you with the necessary preparations and will coordinate the logistics throughout the process – we just need your help getting the word out!!

We are asking for your help in selecting candidates in your community to work with Requip in this generous endeavor. If you or somebody in your community is someone who would be interested in working with Requip Sports, please send us an email at or give us a call at 603-252-7448.

Thanks for your help!

The Requip Sports Team


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