Searching for a New Job

After interning at Oppenheimer & Co., I decided to take on a full-time analyst position with the preconceived notion that spending two years in finance would open endless doors to my ‘next career’ (I was literally told this by multiple sources). Yet three years later, here I am, and other than my firm name and title, not much has changed. I’ve had a great experience at [Current Firm], but I’ve always known investment banking is not ‘right job’ for me. So…what is for me? I’ve spent the last three months applying to jobs across almost every industry and nearly every continent. It’s not to say I’ve been spamming my resume on every job board, but I’ve used this application process as a means of discovery. I’ve already turned down a handful of jobs that were not the right fit and I’ve been denied by ten times as many. The search process is definitely not an easy one but nevertheless a unique learning opportunity and one I will be persistent in.


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